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Premium Series

Premium Series by ForGuys

In this category you will find very fancy intimate jewelry. Our Premium Series distinguishes itself by its exceptionally high quality and intricate designs!

Treat yourself to a perfect fit!

Everybody is different.

The Premium Series offers you the opportunity to get a special intimate jewelry, which is tailored exactly to your physical requirements.

Depending on the specific item, for an extra charge you can individually specify either the inside diameter or even all dimensions to suit your needs.

Thus, your new piece of jewelry becomes a genuine and stylish unique piece, which is also perfect as a very special gift for your partner.

A feast for the eye

The Premium Series provides you with elegant designs, high quality and an exquisite selection of different shapes.

You can choose for example between Cock Rings in different widths and with more or less pronounced curved edges to smoothly fit your penis.

Some items provide even more comfort by means of a screw closure or a blind hole.

Premium Series of the highest quality

The unique products of the Premium Series are made for you according to very high quality standards and are genuine exclusive products.
The exceptionally high quality pure stainless steel used is very well- tolerated even by sensitive or allergic skin and also offers long term pleasure.

Discover your personal product of desire!

Custom made products are of course available for an additional charge.
The images of the items in the Premium Series will support you to choose a particular shape to your liking.
The final proportions of your individual product may vary a little, according to your desired dimensions.
Remember that an increase in size of your piece of intimate jewelry also increases its weight.

Do you have questions? We are happy to advise you personally on the phone!

Now go on and explore our Premium Series and treat yourself to extravagant jewelery!

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Oval Penisring Premium Small 1 Stainless Steel Oval Cock Ring Premium Small
The inside and outside surfaces are oval-shaped / width 20 mm
From €107.99 *
Oval Ball Stretcher Premium Oval Ball Stretcher Premium
Very heavy and thick ballstretcher
From €268.99 *
Premium Cock Ring | Ball Stretcher with Blind Hole Stainless Steel Cockring | Ballstretcher with...
* Highest quality & exclusive handmade * custom made
€289.00 *
Stainless Steel Oval Cock Ring with two small grooves - Premium Oval stainless steel cockring with two grooves...
The inner and outer surfaces are oval-shaped / width 26 mm
From €117.99 *
Stainless Steel Oval Cock Ring - Premium Oval Stainless Steel Cockring Premium
Both inner and outer surfaces have oval curves.
From €117.99 *
Teilbarer Premium Cockring Stainless Cockring divisible Premium
Extra massive / width 18 mm
From €247.99 *
Ball Stretcher Premium Ballstretcher Premium stainless steel
Exclusive and very high quality
From €243.99 *
Donut Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Ultimate Premium stainless steel Donut Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Ultimate...
Internal diameter 42 mm
€229.00 *
"S" Donut Cock Ring Ultimate Premium "S" Donut Cock Ring Ultimate Premium
*** Luxury special edition *** The inner diameter can be freely selected
€249.00 *