Premium Ball Stretcher Collection by ForGuys

Each premium ball stretcher is unique

Each ForGuys Premium Ball Stretcher is individually handmade. We place special emphasis on the high quality of our products. This starts with the selection of the material - only high quality stainless steel is used for a ForGuys Ball Stretcher.

During manufacturing, each of the many steps receives the utmost attention and dedication. A Ball Stretcher from ForGuys is therefore the result of experience, craftsmanship and above all passion - made in Germany. 

Wearing comfort and design are of course just as important as the material. There are many options here. 

Ball Stretcher quality - a look at the inner values

At first glance, a quality Ball Stretcher may look like a much less expensive similar piece. Both are made of stainless steel and one Ball Stretcher may also resemble the other in shape. Yet they are different. It is the "inner values". Attention: Ball Stretcher is not equal to Ball Stretcher ! There are serious differences that are unfortunately rarely seen at first glance.

The cheap rings are usually cast in the mold or cut from the drawn cast iron pipe.

However, there are significantly better processes for producing high-quality ball stretchers. Here the rings are neither cast nor cut from the drawn cast tube.

A ForGuys Ball Stretcher is worked from solid material - resulting in a smooth and at the same time firm structure.

Quality ball stretcher due to high quality precision processing

Subsequently, each ball stretcher receives its precise profile. Even heavy ball stretchers have a high wearing comfort. This is how quality can be experienced!

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Ball Stretcher Premium Ballstretcher Premium stainless steel
Exclusive and very high quality
From €244.99 *
Premium Cock Ring | Ball Stretcher with Blind Hole Stainless Steel Cockring | Ballstretcher with...
* Highest quality & exclusive handmade * custom made
€289.00 *
Oval Ball Stretcher Premium Oval Ball Stretcher Premium
Very heavy and thick ballstretcher
From €268.99 *
"S" Donut Cock Ring Ultimate Premium "S" Donut Cock Ring Ultimate Premium
*** Luxury special edition *** The inner diameter can be freely selected
€249.00 *
Donut Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Ultimate Premium stainless steel Donut Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Ultimate...
Internal diameter 42 mm
€229.00 *